The world is in danger! The amulet that maintains the harmony of life has been stolen and the only hope are the Matcha Warriors.​

Matcha Warriors is an action platform game with roguelike elements, where the player crosses the most varied environments fighting against monsters, barbarians and supernatural entities.

To beat them you need to build your equipment, learn magical skills and choose the best items to face different situations.
With fast fighting and unique mechanics, the player will have to use strategy and skill so that at least one warrior reaches the end and recovers the amulet.


  • Learn powerfull skills such as Fireballs, Magic Barriers, Rays of light and use them against the enemies

  • Collect materials to craft armors, weapons and shields

  • Enhance your equipment with elemental orbs

  • Stage selection changes at each run enhancing the replayability

  • All levels have random elements such as enemies groups, traps, items and scenery variations

  • For each run there is a limited number of warriors. If you die, the next warrior can use the items left behind

  • Even if you can't make it through, your legacy will serve to ease the path of other Matcha Warriors

Code, Design, Music / SFX Design - Aritana B. Schlumbom.
Art - Ingo B. Schlumbom, Aritana B. Schlumbom.